Living in Chicago for over 20 years, I’ve become passionate about supporting local businesses. Those I’ll classify in the ‘risk adverse’ category, take the leap to put themselves out there to give other Chicagoans the opportunity to use their goods or services. This takes not only talent, but a hell of a lot of persistence and determination. Each month we’ll highlight a business we have worked with and admired, or plan to work with in the future. We want to offer another avenue for exposure for these hard working individuals that are keeping it LOCAL! We will always look at suggestions, please forward through our contact us tab or directly to

I met Kate a few years ago and was very impressed by her passion and dedication to her work. She has as amazing ability to transform a space with her organizational and interior design skills!

Interior Chicago by Kate Marengo, Founder:

I’m in the business of helping people make the most of their spaces. While I also specialize in interior design on a budget, my real passion is organizing spaces. I came to this process organically. Having had a chaotic childhood home, I was always looking to create order within spaces. I found myself organizing my home obsessively, and then in turn, helping those I was closest to. Not only do I like an organized and functional space, but I love it to look great too!

In college, I decided to try helping strangers. I offered my services up in order to fill empty time, and try to make a little extra pocket money. I quickly realized that this is what I was meant to do.

I’ve learned that everyone has different challenges in keeping spaces organized. There is no product or process that works for everyone. I tend to ask a ton of questions to get the full picture of what is working, and what isn’t before we even touch anything in a room.

Organizing one’s spaces is also an inherently private and emotional process. I understand that thoroughly. I’m coming into your home, your office, your closets, and your paperwork, and touching your private things. I’m asking you to confront realities that often times are literally pushed into a closet or drawer. I’m also asking that decisions be made about sentimental items, but in the process of doing so, I try to always honor those items. I do this with the utmost respect to both my client, but their experiences as well.

A lot of times, people are very embarrassed of their spaces. Trust me, I’ve seen it all! I’m not judging anyone, I’m trying to find something that will work for you, and will be something that you personally are going to maintain. What works for your neighbor, won’t necessarily work for you. The product you spent a fortune on at the Container Store? Well, we probably won’t use that either. Most often I can organize you utilizing items already found in your home.

I ask my clients what they do. I love to know how they spend their time with their family, what do they at work, in their free time, etc. The more information I have, the better able I am to be in a position to help.

The best compliment I can receive is being referred to someone by an existing client.

I also offer a free consultation to ensure we are a good working match, prior to any work being performed.

-Kate Marengo, Interior Chicago