She is great to work with

I know Michelle for several years now and I used her expertise 3 times (2 times bying -selling). She is great to work with, understands and knows exactly what I want and what I like. She is very flexible, always on point and quick to provide info and any support needed. She understands and knows the market well, being on top of any updates. I also like all the service provided, attention to detail and contiuous updates on the market. I enjoy the advertising material she sends out, I find these being very personal and useful, way better and much different than anything I’ve seen in my mail: quick updates cards, little note cards, info cards about happenings in the neighborhood, anniversary or birthday cards that go a long way. These make me feel good and keep me interested. I still remember and appreciate the magazine subscription and the info book about the city on neighborhoods, restaurants, festivals and happenings that I received after my first purchase. She is also very pleasant to be around, friendly and sincere. I will definitely use her service as many times needed and will recommend her to anyone.